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Video Guest Book  $1000

Photo and video just aren't enough anymore. And the old way of a video camera going from table to table, is just outdated. With Video Guest Book, your guests will have the opportunity to video record you a message in a quiet and well lit area, away from the main crowd. Your guests can come up once or multiple times to share a special message with you, without having to pull you away from enjoying your day. Once the event is done, we edit all the videos and can either create one large movie (as a keepsake) or individual clips for the social media minded folks.  This is a 4-hour add-on or standalone service. 

ECHO360 Video Booth $1200

The ECHO360 Video Booth is our newest and most popular service. You and your guests deserve the best, so we've brought in the best quality 360 on the market. You want your guests to walk away from your event talking about how much fun they had. Whether its a concert, wedding, community event, Sweet 16 or house party, we guarantee a memorable time. Beautifully created videos sent directly to their phone or device. Jaw dropping graphics! And when its all said and done, you get copies of them all. 


TV Monitor Package$700

Our 2 43" TV's can display a monogram and/or photos and videos throughout the event. For an additional fee, we can even make it so that your guests can upload their own "day of" photos to the gallery to give their point of view from your event. Table pics, selfies, or dance floor dance pics, and you get copies of them all.

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