Just the basics.....

Allow us to power your next event with todays and yesterdays hottest dance music! In the process, I'll be able to keep the flow going with any and all announcements that have to be done! You just sit back and enjoy! We have 3 MC's to choose from: DJ Echo, Sammy Flores and Eunice Hidalgo. Sammy and Eunice are bilingual for our Spanish speaking clients

Lighting Package

Gobo, UpLighting, Mirror Ball, Etc.

Whether its the disco ball setting the mood, the up lighting creating a specific atmosphere or moving heads that will keep the crowd dancing all night, allow me to illuminate your next event! We also have L.O.V.E Letters, which help with the atmosphere of the room as well as become  another great backdrop for photos for your guests. Pricing on lighting packages is dependent on clients choice of lighting specifications.

Video Guest Book $800

Why capture a moment, when you can collect the atmosphere?

Why capture a single moment, when you can let your guests tell you how much they love you in their own voice?! We will supply the backdrop and atmosphere, and let the guests supply all the entertainment! Once the event is done, we will supply you with a flash drive filled with everyone's videos for you to enjoy! Delivered to you in a personalized box, the 8g hard drive is yours to keep and use for your daily activities, or display it as a keep sake and a quick conversation starter. Besides the DJ/MC Service, Video Guest Book is the only  other "Stand Alone" service we offer. As a stand alone service, Video Guest Book is $800 for a 4 hour event. 

TV Monitor Package $500

Monogram, Video or Photo Gallery

This dual 43" flat screen TV package will have your guests wanting more and more! You can have photos or videos playing all event long, and maybe some live feeds from the crowd! This new option can really take your event to the next level.  

Live Singers(Male or Female) $400

Another great way to upgrade a moment is to have live singers perform your song. Male or female, we have a list of over 10 vocalists available to sing your most special song. This is a singer performing over a track, not a live band. For this package, the specific vocalist would perform 3 songs. Additional songs are $100 per song.

Flyer Design $150

Does not include printing of invitation or flyer

Whether its a catchy flyer for your upcoming event or an invitation for your wedding or Sweet 16, let Juggernaut Designs create  something magical for you! Flyer/invitation creation for $150. Cost of print is based on 3rd party pricing.

Glow Wall $200

Another great piece of eye candy is the Glow Wall. This wall can be placed behind the main attraction for an added boost of color, or use it as  another backdrop for epic photos. 

Echo Wall $200

Step & Repeat

Whether its a concert, Gala, Wedding or Sweet 16 , everyone loves the red carpet, and everyone loves the step and repeat wall. This  8x10 backdrop(which you can personalize) for your guests is great to take some remarkable group shots or selfies! The fee for the Echo Wall is $200. Personalization is $450.

Personalized Echo Wall $450

You can personalize your 8'x10' Echo Wall backdrop to fit your events décor, and keep it as a keep sake once the event is over.

Personalized Gobo $100

Another great add on is personizing the Gobo for your event. Whether its the initials of the Bride and Groom, or a "Sweet 16" with a personal touch, we can create anything you want and make sure its seen anywhere you want. Made of metal, the craftmanship behind this 2" Gobo makes for a great keep sake once the event is over to have and show off to friends and family.

Dancing on Clouds $350

Dual Low Lying Fog Machines flood the floor beneath your feet as you dance to your most special song. Dancing on Clouds is a perfect way to upgrade an already great moment, and impress your guests. This service is for up to 2 songs.

L.O.V.E. Letters $300

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Whether you want them as décor for your main table, or a great backdrop for guest photos, the L.O.V.E. Letters are a show stopper and enticing eye candy for your wedding or event. The hearts within the letters can either stay as one specific color, pulsate or change color with the beat. You decide!

"Now Showing" Sign $450

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This beautiful sign adds a great visual aspect to any event. This a great way to highlight a photo of the happy couple, the birthday man/woman, company logo or anything else you want. You can either have it against the wall to display one side, or have it hung in the middle of the walkway for both sides to be displayed, you decide.

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